21 September 2012

Tomorrow we celebrate fall, the autumnal equinox, and my book’s Birth Day!

How does a girl feel the day before she takes her first leap into the published author’s realm? Well, like a girl, of course. However, there are instances of surrealism, accompanied by acute bursts of hysteria that tend to cloud the normal day's events.

The Gathering Darkness stage is set for tomorrow, September 22, 2012, and when the curtain raises, my teen heroine and hero, Brooke Day and Marcus Knight—the actors in this spooky drama—will take their bows and plunge straight into the danger and evil that await them (poor things).

Like any proud mama, I will sit on the sidelines, bite my nails, and watch wide-eyed as they fight to get to the root of the evil that has befallen them, their families, and their friends.
The raven holds a double spiral amulet; a Celtic symbol of the equinox featured in this story.

I hope you enjoy my take on witchcraft, reincarnation, horror, and love.

Lisa Collicutt

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  1. I love the picture of the raven holding the double spiral. You should put that on the back cover of the next book! ;)