30 November 2012

The REAL Krystal Wade

So, what makes Krystal Wade tick?

I’ve compiled a series of questions to answer just that. Let’s see what we can dig up. Mwahahahaha.

About the author:
1.  Favorite color. - Purple - Seriously, my husband says he can get me to buy anything, as long as it's purple.
2.  Favorite food. - ALL OF IT. I love eating. I love pizza, sushi, steak, veggies, junk! I LOVE IT ALL.
3.  Favorite kid – haha, just joking – next… - Kid #3. She loves me the most...just kidding.
4.  Favorite song/music. - This falls into the ALL OF IT. I don't love one particular type of music over another, but whatever I do love has to have EMOTION. I love songs I can feel.
5.  Favorite  movie. - The Wedding Singer. Once, a long time ago when I was on my own and had very little money, I watched the Wedding Singer over and over and over because I didn't have cable. I could probably still recite it: Julia Gulia. What kind of name is that?

About writing:
6.  What was the most exciting moment in your writing career? - Finishing a trilogy!
7.  Can you share some of your favorite online writing sites/tools? - Grammarly.com I love this thing, but don't use it nearly as much anymore.
8.  Do you plot? - I'm a hybrid between plotter and pantster. I try plotting but it never works out.
9.  Do you have a favorite place in the house to write in? Room? Chair? Submerged in a tub of warm water topped with bubbles and screaming kids at the door? CHAIR! Well, it's a chair and a half, really, and it's leather and right by the fire place and has a big ottoman and lots of cushy blankets and pillows. :-) The cats also think this is their home.
10.  What tip would you share with beginning writers? - Don't give up.

About Wilde’s Meadow:
11.  What music artist/group would you commission to write/sing the theme song to Wilde’s Meadow? Hmm. Well, it would no doubt be an instrumental song, something alive and intense, something scary and hopeful, something progressive and leaves you feeling introspective. My favorite composer has to be John Williams (Jurassic Park, Star Wars, Superman, Indiana Jones, ET, Harry Potter, and SO MUCH MORE), but I really like Paul Cardall (Life and Death from LOST), Christophe Beck (Buffy the Vampire Slayer). Honestly, if I was ever given the chance to work with John Williams, I'd probably die a happy fan girl. I spent 7 years playing first chair Double French Horn, and some of my favorite music was written by Mr. Williams. :-) I'm off topic, huh?
12.  Who would play Kate? - This is really tough to answer. Mainly because the girl I used for inspiration is all grown up now and couldn't actually play her (Evan Rachel Wood), and even when I did pick her, I had to doctor her image to make her hair dark and remove makeup and such. So. I'm not sure.
13.  Who would play Arland? - Hands down, Henry Cavill!
14.  Is there anything about the story you would go back and change if you could? - I can't think that way. It would make me crazy.
15.  Did you plan a series when you started Wilde’s Fire? - There was no plan, really. I sat down and started writing. Everything that happened happened by chance.

Thanks, Krystal, for allowing us to snoop into your life.

My own thought on the Darkness Falls Series:
In Wilde’s Fire, we are taken on a camping trip, turn fantasy! Can it get any better? Why yes it can—there’s also a strong, handsome hero (Arland) ((Henry Cavill, mmm)) in this fantasy world awaiting his heroine, Kate (Katriona). I’m a total sucker for glimmers of portals in the forest that lead to fantasy worlds . . . always on the look-out for them my self. I’m also a sucker for vulnerable but strong hero types. Oh, and the most important thing . . . magic! Yes, magic propels this story along, but subtly, almost naturally. 

Wilde’s Army, we see Kate develop into a strong, independent heroine, who can kick demon’s butts. All by herself, if need be. We also see deep love developing between Kate and Arland. Having said that, yes, romance is in the air, but not like a heavy mist you have to peel your way through to find the adventure. From start to finish, you’re taken on an engaging ride through the darkness, in search of light. There’s plenty of action. 

Wilde’s Meadow, we’re drawn farther into the adventure and into the darkness before we make our way to the light. Now, Kate is about as strong a heroine as I’ve ever seen. This girl will trudge through any danger, in any condition for the ones she loves. Wilde’s Meadow gives us an abundance of struggle, sacrifice and heartache. This story will make you shed tears. It will also fill you with bliss. And the ending will leave you completely satisfied, and embraced by . . . light.


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