18 December 2012


A poem by Lisa Collicutt

Shadowed realms are where I dwell,

deep in the dark abyss.

Loathsome creatures are abound,

hear them scream and hiss.

Darkness follows where I go,

the dark moon guides my flight.

My search for prey it never ends,

embraced by cold dark night.

Heed the warnings, turn around,

keep closer to the light.

No wait, on second thought,

I've got you in my sight.

I stretch a boney finger out,

it catches on your soul.

Innocence embraced by darkness,

feel it take its toll.

Once you're caught up in my grasp,

a spell will drain your will.

Another soul drawn internal,

until I've had my fill.

Evil sizzles in my veins,

my soul is dark as pitch.

Inside my heart, you'll find no warmth,

some call me a witch.


The Wicked - Nov/2013

My Fairy Poem
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  2. I love it. So dark! Was this another dream?

  3. Not a dream - I wish.
    Honestly, I was having writer's block all day with new novel, and the suggestion of this poem just popped into my head. So, I gave up on the novel (temporarily) and wrote this.
    I love it when inspiration strikes! :)

  4. Lisa, I thought the was great. I enjoyed it. .....Your imagination is wonderful. The person reading is right with you...... Jenny Gallagher