22 November 2016

Boxed Set Sale

NOW AVAILABLE at Amazon World Wide: The Serendipitous Curse Boxed Set - 
Get the complete trilogy for half the price!

Being haunted in Savannah Georgia--one of America's most haunted cities--takes on an entirely new meaning in the Serendipitous Curse Series.
Immersed in wickedness long ago, former slave owner, Solomon Brandt, has been given a second chance to set things right, to live the life he once took for granted, and to save the heart of the women he cherishes most.
With the aid of three Hoodoo Priestesses, a sliver of black mirror, and the Crystal Shard of Light, Solomon embarks on a journey through time to find himself. He travels across frozen wastelands and into a dark pasts where curses run deep, and evil resides.
Steeped in the ancient art of Hoodoo and reincarnation, past and present day collide in this edgy urban fantasy series.

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