22 November 2016

New Release

I'm please to present to you, The Demon's Wrath - the long awaited Book 2 in 
The Eternal Beings Trilogy.

Nearly a year has passed since Rose discovered her Divine ancestry and became Steele’s “old lady”.
As an accounting student she utilizes her skill to launder money at the clubs bike shop in town—Steele’s way to keep her occupied and away from the perilous street action.
But danger finds Rose in many forms. She can’t escape the darkness, fore it is her destiny to fight it. Death and destruction descend on the Paladins. Grief reigns over all, and hope becomes nonexistent. Despite Rose and Steele’s efforts to call upon their Ethereal Mother, Eloa, the angel is silent. The half-human couple, along with their biker family, head into the darkest period of their lives, where NO ONE is spared evil’s wrath.
Will magic exist again for Rose and Steele, or have the Seraphs abandoned their Earthly children forever?
As you can see, this series has taken on a new look. I hope you like it.

Amazon purchase links for The Devil's Flower: Book 1 in The Eternal Beings Trilogy

Amazon purchase links for The Demon's Wrath: Book 2 in The Eternal Beings Trilogy

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