7 May 2015


Everyone has a destiny, but not everyone’s is to kill the one they love.
Angels, Demons, and Biker Gangs collide in this SEXY & EDGY Urban Fantasy. 

 Killing isn’t exactly on Rosalie Lockwood’s list of things to do when she runs away from home. But despite her search for peace; guns and motorcycles become her latest fashion accessories as Divine interference leads her to Steele, co-leader of the Fallen Paladins motorcycle club.

Leathered and tattooed, Steele’s presence scares off most people he comes in contact with — but not Rosalie. She’s immediately drawn into the dangers of his biker world—and into his heart.

But Steele guards a secret that if Rosalie knew, could shatter their new love — along with destroy the human race. And the truth comes at a price.

Will Rosalie risk her soul to prove her loyalty to Steele?

The Dark and Light Realms collide as Rosalie chooses between life, death, and the ever-after to become that which she is fated to destroy.


19 April 2015


The Serendipitous Curse Trilogy: REBORN, REVILED, REDEEMED!

Find a quiet, comfy spot and delve right into this dark and mysterious trilogy.
 Follow the handsome Solomon Brandt as he journeys through present day Savannah Georgia in search of his past, his present, and his future.
Let the live oaks, ancient cemeteries, and a Civil War era plantation, capture your spirit and pull you into the story's  Southern charm.
But beware - for not only are the spellbinding forces of Hoodoo at play: something much darker and ancient lurks in the shadows awaiting its moment to strike!
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20 March 2015

Choose Your Romance

Choose your romance with Curiosity Quills Press.

Historical Fiction, Urban Fantasy, YA/NA, Sci-fi, Reincarnation, Zombies, Time Periods, Fantasy, Magical, Contemporary - and many more. Curiosity Quills has something for every gender,  
   every age  ...
every heart!


30 October 2014

The Votes Are In!

REBORN: The Serendipitous Curse, Book One, has made it into the top three and is now a FINALIST in the category of Best Paranormal of 2014.
I would like to thank every one of you who voted for Reborn. Your dedication paid off. 
A winner will be chosen at the BTSeMag Award Ceremony in New Orleans July 2015. 
Good luck to all the nominees :)
 Purchase Reborn & Reviled on Amazon. 
Redeemed coming soon!
Read about the trilogy.
 The above pictures are of the new cover, and may not be switched yet on Amazon.
Thank you for your support ~ Lisa Collicutt

22 September 2014


Are you a sap for a love that just won't die? How about spooky settings and spine-chilling scenes? Secrets and danger and ancient magic, all set in a dark village with a creepy inn as a backdrop? If so, then this full-length, stand-alone novel for all ages, might just be for you!

Featuring exciting new content and a stunning new cover, The Gathering Darkness could be your new spooky read. Put it in your ereader today and curl up with a blanket and your favorite brew!

A Young Adult Novel 
Pick up The Gathering Darkness for your spooky fall read!

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Praise forThe Gathering Darkness:

"I loved this story. Not only did it have witches (which is by far my fav) but this was a sweet love story as well. One about reincarnation. In fact it just might be my favorite reincarnation story I have read yet." - My Guilty Obsession.

"I haven't been addicted to a book this much since I read the Twilight books back before they had all the hype. So Twilight series aside this book was AMAZING!" - Crossroad Reviews.

"For anyone who thought Twilight was the best book they ever read, they haven't read The Gathering Darkness. Perfect for teens, with some love and suspense. Definitely worth reading!" - Rosie Reeves

"I wanted to preview this book as a possible addition to my classroom library. I'm always looking for current novels to hook my high school readers. This is one I will be recommending to my students." - S O'Donnell

"The Gathering Darkness is an enthralling surprise, and has a storyline that's packed with mystery, suspense, magic, and a beautiful romance. I recommend The Gathering Darkness as a fantastic read!" - I Heart YA Books