30 October 2014

Time to Cast Your Votes!

I'm thrilled to announce The Serendipitous Curse: Reborn is nominated for Book of the Year in the paranormal category! The voting is now open for anyone who would be inclined to do so. All votes are warmly appreciated. And if you'd rather, there are other books and categories to vote for. 

Get The Serendipitous Curse for 99 cents now through Halloween!

28 October 2014

Spooktacular Ebook Sale!


Get your spooky Halloween reads during Curiosity Quills 99 cent spooktacular sale! https://curiosityquills.com/news/halloween-spooktactular-sale/

Including The Gathering Darkness - a tale of reincarnated witches.

Creepy excerpts from The Gathering Darkness:

A shadow crept into the foreground of the painting. It grew pulsing with life, and then separated and transformed into five hooded figures. My blood turned cold and I froze to the spot.

My mood didn't change once inside the creepy old place. If I was to imagine a haunted hotel, this is how it would look. Decorated in dark paneling and heavy chandeliers laced with cobwebs, it held as much charm as Dracula's castle.

Although her lips hadn't moved, her sharp words pierced my brain like pointy icicles. I stared at her wide-eyed as her teeth grew to razor-edged points and an inky blackness swallowed the pale blue of her irises.

My body was on lockdown now, as it always was in the face of my worst fear—the dark. It closed in around me, becoming thick and heavy. I was too terrified to move a muscle for fear it would see me. Like holding your breath waiting for a wave to crash over you; I held mine waiting for the darkness to claim me.

The wind whipped out of nowhere, shaking the treetops, letting loose an abundance of leaves. In little more than an instant, Deadwich was drenched. The stage was set, the curtain about to go up, and I had the feeling I was the solo act in this horror drama.

Only I could see the sinister grin on the witch's face. With her malevolent glare, she drew me in to the pit of her decay-ridden soul, and for an instant, my spirit was hers to command.

I died an agonizing death. The death I'd begged for. As the flames consumed my body, I longed to run to the stream and jump into the cool, sweet water, but my love for Kalan bound me to my fate.

When a stick snapped beneath my feet, echoing eerily through the trees, I jumped, and so did my heart. The sharp caw of a lone crow followed somewhere up above the treetops, sending chills down my spine. I lifted my gaze but could see nothing through the thick canopy of twisted branched but a few specks of darkening sky.

A stream of black blood beaded from my fingertip and ran to my wrist. As I was about to scream, I tasted rust. Warm, thick, fluid bubbled up in my throat and spilled out of the corners of my mouth.


22 September 2014

Your Spooky Fall Read

Are you a sap for a love that just won't die? How about spooky settings and spine-chilling scenes? Secrets and danger and ancient magic, all set in a dark village with a creepy inn as a backdrop? If so, then this full-length, stand-alone novel for all ages, might just be for you!

Featuring exciting new content and a stunning new cover, The Gathering Darkness could be your spooky fall read. Put it in your ereader today and curl up with a blanket and your favorite brew!

A Young Adult Novel 
Pick up The Gathering Darkness for your spooky fall read!

Click on picture to enlarge.

Read some reviews for The Gathering Darkness:

"I loved this story. Not only did it have witches (which is by far my fav) but this was a sweet love story as well. One about reincarnation. In fact it just might be my favorite reincarnation story I have read yet." - My Guilty Obsession.

"I haven't been addicted to a book this much since I read the Twilight books back before they had all the hype. So Twilight series aside this book was AMAZING!" - Crossroad Reviews.

"For anyone who thought Twilight was the best book they ever read, they haven't read The Gathering Darkness. Perfect for teens, with some love and suspense. Definitely worth reading!" - Rosie Reeves

"I wanted to preview this book as a possible addition to my classroom library. I'm always looking for current novels to hook my high school readers. This is one I will be recommending to my students." - S O'Donnell

"The Gathering Darkness is an enthralling surprise, and has a storyline that's packed with mystery, suspense, magic, and a beautiful romance. I recommend The Gathering Darkness as a fantastic read!" - I Heart YA Books

19 September 2014


I don't usually write personal posts, but I feel the need to share this one, and hope that maybe it will  inspire those in need.

I recently joined the ranks of "brace-faces" across the world. Yup, that's right you heard me;

And they're PURPLE!

Railroad tracks across my straight, white teeth. Now I am a tinsel-toothed, zipper-mouthed, middle-aged woman - wait! . . . Did I just say what I think I said, "middle-aged"? Now that's just nasty. Having braces is one thing, but being 50 is just wrong.

Let's take a short detour and talk a little bit about that. I was going to write a post about leaving the 40s behind and never did. Although my brain has recently aged from a 24-years-old to, I'll say, 30, I physically don't feel 50! For years people have told me I look younger than I am. In fact, I think someone made a mistake on my birth certificate and my mother lost 10 years of her life at some point way back, I don't know, but I did not embrace (brace) hehe, 50 leading up to the "second blooming" as Agatha Christie put it. But on the day I rounded the summit, something changed. I no longer felt ill leaving my physical 40s and my mental 20s behind, like I did the day before and for most of the year leading up to the big 5. 0. I woke up feeling exactly the same as I had the day before. Imagine that! There was also cake - that helps. So if this is what 50 feels and looks like, I've come to terms with it, and consider myself lucky to have made it this far. Instead of speeding down the other side of the hill, as I sped up it, I'm going to stroll slowly down the new path laid out before me and enjoy the scenery. 50 ain't so bad!

Now back to the braces. Getting braces was a decision I pondered over for the last half of my life. Mostly due to the cost and time spent wearing them. But when my dentist said "6 months" it floored me, and I thought, "those stainless steel suckers will be off by spring". I'm doing this! Everyone I told was encouraging, well except for that remark my son made "do you really want to go there at this stage of the game?" he said. Well, haha, and hmph! I guess you're always old in your kid's eyes. I really liked one particular comment made by a surprised male coworker after sporting him a huge grin. "You're so cute. Your just lost 10 years."Yes! That made my day.

Did I mention they are purple? And of course I'm doing red & green or maybe gold for December :D

So  . . .

What's one winter spent in face-brace agony?

Oh, are you wondering why I am putting myself thought this? Well here it is: I'm correcting a space between my two front teeth. The "black hole" in my smile, as I call it, has kept me from open-mouth smiling most of my life.The only thing I ever wanted to change about myself. But I wasn't going to wear braces for years, and years, and years. Uh-uh. So when I found out 6 months will give me the smile I always wanted, I couldn't resist.

3 days in and I LOVE them. I never smiled so much in my life as I have this week. There isn't any pain, just a little discomfort the first day. I didn't need pain meds, and I slept all the first night. The most annoying part is having to brush numerous times a day and 45 minutes of flossing threader hell every night. Besides the obvious, the upside of wearing them is that they force me to eat healthy, and slower, and not as often.

So for the next 6 (or so) months I will ROCK these braces like the heavy-metal lover I am!

Do you or have you had braces? Share your brace story in a comment below. And if you are someone thinking about getting braces but are nervous or afraid. Don't be. They are awesome. They move your teeth, so there's bound to be some discomfort, but well worth it in the end. And you get to pick colors for your mouth bling. I encourage anyone who needs braces to get them and sport them proudly. It will be worth it in the end.

I'm feeling very brave right now . . . .

      Before (extremely rare photo)                                                   Right now, baby :) :)

 Two weeks in:

Two weeks as a metal head - well actually most of my life, really - but that's besides the point. Week one was a conditioning period of getting my gums ready for the "big move", although the space closed ever so slightly in the first couple days. My teeth were sensitive and I could barely chew anything. Week two, I was able to eat everything again, but way back in one corner of my mouth, then there's a lot of water swishing afterwards and brushing with three different types of toothbrushes and flossing.


Since everything was going so well I had my first adjustment a week early - today. Got a wire change and clear elastic bands around front teeth, which feels like a sliver of glass rubbing against the inside on my top lip. But hey, no pain, no gain, right?

Things I don't like about braces:
Wearing them.
Eating with them on.
Flossing  - threading the end of the floss between each sagment of wire.
Ends of the wire scraping against the inside of my cheeks.
Sharp elastic bands.

Things I do like about braces:
The bigger picture.
I don't eat as often or as unhealthy.
Purple bands.
My top lip looks fuller.
I feel like a teenager.

Until the next adjustment.....

24 August 2014


Oh Happy Days - The Serendipitous Curse: Reborn as been nominated for a BTSeMag award.

This is huge! 

I'm humbled and proud to share this news with you. To be nominated for such an award for something you created is beyond words - an honor I never imagined. I'm sure my coauthor, Aiden James is just as thrilled as I am about the nomination.

The awards banquet takes place in Orlando Florida February 2015, and is a black-tie, red carpet event!

What will I wear?

Thanks to all my readers, reviewers, and fans. And to those of you who deemed TSC worthy of a nomination. Maybe Ill see you in Florida!

In the heart of Savannah Georgia, lies Solomon Brandt Plantation, a spanking piece of suburban sprawl with a sordid past.

When an amnesiac bearing this cursed name stumbles into town, he’s immediately drawn to the haunted antebellum, and also to a Hoodoo practitioner who converses with spirits, and her gorgeous green-eyed niece.

Desiree McClinton, a descendant of the Brandt slaves, sparks emotions in Solomon, the likes of which he's never known. But curses run deep, and Solomon's crippling nightmares, seeping into real life, soon threaten their budding love.

Will Solomon be able to save Desiree from the evil that has followed him through time? Can a tainted soul truly be redeemed?

The Serendipitous Curse Book One: Reborn & Book Two: Reviled, can be found anywhere online books are sold, in ebook or paperback format. If you prefer, you can walk into any book store and ask the sales staff to order it in for you. Thank you for your support ~ Lisa.